What is D-H.E.L.P.®?

It’s a revolutionary Defogging Heated Endoscopic Lens Protector system providing optimum visualization during laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

D-H.E.L.P. is the only endoscope visualization system to keep the lens defogged and clean from the start of the operation through close. With D-H.E.L.P. you’ll not only have a clean, clear lens, you’ll benefit from a true white balance. All this enables you to save time and improve overall efficiency.

When the compact D-H.E.L.P. unit is activated and affixed to patient drapes, you can easily defog and clean laparoscopic lenses with one hand in just 5 seconds. You can also clean the scope as many times as needed during surgery.

With the complete D-H.E.L.P. system, you’ll have optimum visualization from surgery start to close. Most importantly, this innovative system helps you provide improved patient care.

How does D-H.E.L.P. work?

  • The compact unit affixes to patient drapes allowing quick access to the defogging/cleaning system using only one hand. In just 5 minutes, anti-fogging solution warms to approximately 120°F to warm endoscopic camera lens–during the case D-H.E.L.P. breaks down fats and washes fluids and tissue from the lens in 5 seconds!
  • D-H.E.L.P. is compatible with laparoscopes from 5mm to 12mm in diameter.Trocar and wipes
  • Warm anti-fogging and cleaning fluid is maintained for up to 5 hours.
  • Provides true white balance for better color visualization.
  • Use Microfiber on unit to remove tissue remnants without scratching or smudging the valuable laparoscope and robotic lenses.
  • Two soft MicroPads® also provided to clean persistent tissue remnants without leaving lint or smudging. Replaces coarse surgical gauze which is harder on the lens. The MicroPads are also radio opaque.
  • TrocarWipe® is included to prevent clean camera lens from being compromised by cleaning the inside of the trocar. The tip design facilitates cleaning trocars from 5mm to 12mm. It is radio opaque.
  • Fire hazard is reduced — laparoscope remains inserted into D-H.E.L.P. when not in use and does not require the scope to be placed on standby.
  • System saves time and improves overall efficiency.
  • D-H.E.L.P. is the only system to keep laparoscopes defogged and clean from start to close.